Banner ’47 Texas Longhorns Scrum Basic Premium T-Shirt – Burnt Orange

Ah the good ol’ days – phones were attached to the wall with a cord and worked even when the power went out popcorn was popped in a skillet on the stove and when the President was addressing the nation he was on all three TV channels! Some things have changed for the better but there’s still something comforting about getting back to the basics. Do you remember when they made t-shirts with slub fabric? It had a slight irregularity in the yarn produced by knotting twisting or including uneven lengths of fiber in the spinning process. They were just as soft and comfortable as the shirts made today that have “technology” in their title. Take a trip down memory lane with the Texas Longhorns Scrum Basic premium tee from Banner ’47! The cotton slub material and vintage Longhorns logo will take you back in time to a more simpler time even while you’re texting the kids to let them know where you’re setting up the tailgate!




$ 34.95